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Fill in free business profiles in Yahoo and Verizon Superpages

Justin Sanger, President of LocalLaunch told Search Engine Watch that “Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) now emulate the pure search functionality of web search engines, visitors can now view rich content beyond standard contact information.”

Sanger recommends that all business owners fill out business profiles provided by Yahoo and Verizon Superpages. These business profiles are free for now, and business owners can display more information in their listings for a monthly fee.

Sanger went on to tell Search Engine Watch:

Now is a good time to buy distribution on,’ Sanger continued. We see them taking the forefront. You can go in now and get some pretty cheap inventory. provides a number of advertising options as well as featured directory listings.

Additionally, local search results often appear at the top of the main search results. The major search engines often have partnerships with local information providers, such as Ask Jeeves’ partnership with Citysearch. Professional SEMs can utilize listings from local search providers so that they get greater search engine visibility and branding impact on the major web search engines.

I do not place a lot of trust in yellow page directories and to date they have not achieved much on the net. But I am seeing their directories in search results. Some of your target audience is going to end up in the directories. If you are the only one with a completed profile, you’ll be way ahead of your competition.

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