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Blogs on Charlie Rose Show tonight

February 15, 2005

You guys on the East Coast may be in bed by now, but blogs will be the subject of Charlie Rose’s show on PBS tonight at 11 (PT) – at least here in Seattle. For those not familiar with Charlie, he does great interviews that are always enjoyable to watch – free of commercial to boot.

Picked up via Doc Searles who is back in Boston tonight who posted earlier this evening that Ana Marie Cox of the Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, Glen Reynolds of Instapundit and Joe Trippi, Dean campaign manager, were all on talking about blogs. He says it’s a great show and “Since most of ya’ll are West of here, there may still be a chance to catch it. What you get, I think, even better than one does on their blogs, is that these are all interesting and likeable people.”

I just watched the intros of these guys – they are great. Hang on though, they follow Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

For you guys who missed the show, tapes and transcripts are available from the show’s Web site.


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