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Want media exposure for client cause? Blog exposing industry practices attracts over 5,000 in two weeks

January 23, 2005

The Center for Global Food Issues wanted a high profile education campaign on the misleading marketing practices in the milk industry. The answer – a blog of course.

The Center announced its “Milk is Milk” consumer education campaign blog has attracted over 5,000 visitors in less than two weeks. The result has been significant news media interest, industry and consumer comments. Their Web statistics show visits to their Web site to read blog commentaries are coming from over two dozen countries and growing to more than 500 unique visitors a day.

Blog author Alex Avery has exposed questionable marketing practices by such industry leaders as Organic Valley, Horizon Milk and Stonyfield Yogurt and misleading claims by anti-milk activists Steve Wilson, Jane Akre, Robert Cohen and PETA.

Law firms looking for a sure fire to get media exposure and draw attention to a client cause are going to do no better than a blog. The blog site alone will, of course, not be enough. The site will need good content and talented blog marketing folks to get the word out on the blogosphere. But it’s a heck of a lot more effective – both in cost and reach than traditional pr campaigns.

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