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MSN search now live

MSN search, though still labeled as in beta form, is now up and running live on the MSN site. Why should you care about MSN search? You need to monitor how your law firm Web site and your blog is doing on three separate search engines — Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Until now MSN was running on Yahoo.

The search results are displayed on a nice looking interface that is likely to keep newcomers to the net using MSN by default on their IE browser at MSN as opposed to Google for their searches. As the numbers using MSN grows, and it will, more people will be looking for firms like yours on MSN search.

Why care about search engines? Two thirds of consumers go to the Internet before purchasing a service or product. Nearly three-quarters of in-house counsel and corporate officers use the Internet during the firm selection process. Enough said.
Does LexBlog like the MSN search? You bet, the company site for LexBlog and this blog are ranked #1 and #2 in the unpaid for organic results for the key phrase – lawyer blogs.

Source of info: beSpacific

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