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Boeing starts exectutive blog

January 20, 2005

Another Fortune 100 company has jumped into the blogosphere for marketing purposes. Randolph Baseler, Vice President of Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, published his his first entry to Randy’s Journal this week:

I hope [this] will help solve one of my biggest frustrations – not being able to talk with everyone as often as I like about what’s going on in our industry and our company. Either I’m in a different time zone, or in a meeting or at another commitment, so this web space can be a place where you can go to find out my thoughts and opinions. And in the weeks ahead as we figure out more about blogging technology, we’ll be adding more features, so it can be an additional good source of information on BCA and the industry.

[…] As we have researched effective web logs, I learned that a cardinal rule of blogging is to keep the entries short and to the point. So I’ll save some more thoughts on 2004 for another entry. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and stay tuned.

There is lot lacking with this blog as far as making it appear Boeing really wants to open up the lines of communication – no RSS, no comments, no trackback, not even an email contact. I don’t know if this is a good start or just a ploy to show they can really communicate with real folks but for now it’s clearly a one way broadcast channel.

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