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ABA TECHSHOW : Independent experts not selling to lawyers?

January 16, 2005

Read an announcement about the ABA TECHSHOW from one of their planning board members touting the ABA TECHSHOW as unique among legal technology shows because they present only national experts who are not selling products on behalf of vendors. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

The list of experts speaking at the show, many who are very knowledgeable and have a lot to share, is dominated by consultants as well as principals and employees selling products and services to lawyers. In many cases, these vendors are presenting more than once and the companies have more than one employee doing presentations.

Here’s a list of what the ‘ABA TECHSHOW experts’ are selling to lawyers and law firms:

  • Legal marketing consulting
  • Software and hardware with consulting
  • Legal technology for time and billing
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Management services
  • Marketing & business development
  • Strategic planning, network design, software development, training and support
  • Legal technology and computer forensics
  • Training and development
  • Privacy protection
  • Strategic technology planning, knowledge management, litigation & practice support
  • Electronic marketing consulting
  • Enterprise social software
  • Practical knowledge systems
  • Web consulting and development
  • Trial presentation and courtroom technology consulting
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Telecommunications consulting
  • Technology installation and support

The ABA TECHSHOW does a great job in some areas but should not mislead lawyers by saying they are unique in not having vendors doing presentations. It only undermines their credibility and the credibility of the ABA. Keep up the good work but give it to us straight guys.

Why not say you have the best in technology vendors and consultants? Why not say these folks represent entrepreneurs with a long track record of seeking out the latest in legal technology?

Speakers know that to be credible and be invited back they need to offer real value to their audience and not pitch their own product or service. Heck, the best sales people even explain various alternative products and services.

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