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Blogs : powerful way to get inbound links to Web site

Trent Brownrigg, a successful internet marketer, webmaster, and author of business articles, writes in webpronews that blogs are among the best ways to get incoming links to your Internet presence, whether it be a Web site or a blog.

Trent explains “[I]t’s no secret that having links pointing to your website is very good for search engine rankings, and gives more ways for human visitors to find your website.” Though Trent says their are link exchanges, Blogs are one of seven ways he has found to get links to your site without giving a link back.

Blogs get one-way inbound links 3 ways

  1. Simply host a blog on your website and update it frequently. People tend to link to blogs because they provide content that is constantly being updated.
  2. Submit your blog to blog directories. Just like website directories, there are tons of blog directories on the internet that you can submit to for free. Just do a search on Google for “blog directory” and you will find many of them to submit too.
  3. Host the blog somewhere other than on your website. Then, provide a link from your blog to your website. After you have done that, you can submit your blog to directories for the extra page rank and added exposure. Use this technique with as many blogs as you have time to update regularly with quality content.

Thanks Trent, good stuff here.

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