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Business 2.0 Magazine : Blogs go mainstream in 2005

Business 2.0 has made its predictions for 2005. Number 4 is Blogs go mainstream and that podcasting catches on.

They predict:

More and more blogs will join mainstream media as a source of daily information for millions of people, especially as nontechie Web surfers figure out how to tap into RSS feeds and collect all of their favorite blogs in one place. The more sophisticated bloggers will add audio commentary and become podcasters, producing daily Web radio shows that listeners can download to their computers and iPods. The first video podcasts will appear.

Face it folks, blogs are going to be as well known as Web sites and email in a year. Failing to learn now how to effectively use professional marketing blogs to grow your law firm’s business is going to make you look pretty silly.

Source of post info: beSpacific

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