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Stonyfield Farms : marketing success with blogs, not Web site promotion

Stonyfield Farms wanted to increase consumer awareness of their yogurt products. They chose marketing blogs, not further Web site work. The result is Stonyfield’s four blogs are generating tens of thousands of visitors a month; the most recent monthly figures for all four of their current blogs total just under 60,000 visits.

Christine Halvorson, the company’s blogger says that a small firm like theirs – they started out with seven cows in 1987 – grows through increasing awareness and getting out their message and personality. Today they sell 18 million cups of yogurt a month. “It probably affects someone’s buying decision,” she said. “The good will generated by the blogs is hard to measure, but we assume it will have a positive impact on our bottom line.”

Hey law firm marketing professionals, why are you spending so much on promoting expensive Web sites? Blogs, particularly practice area blogs, will create greater prospective client awareness than Web sites.

Source for post: MarketingVox News and Business Blog Consulting

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