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Lawyer marketing blog webinars – more coming

I did my first Webinar on professional marketing blogs for lawyers and legal marketing professionals last Thursday. I called it an Intro to Professional Marketing Blogs. Click here to download the PowerPoint.

Hey, we had some glitches with me not getting logged onto the WebEx platform for a bit. But after that, about 25 to 30 attendees picked up enough helpful information that they want me back for more Webinars. Also got plenty of suggested topics for future one hour Webinars.

So after the first of the year I’ll do more Webinars (with no tech problems), covering among other things:

  • Implementation of a practice area blog in a large law firm.
  • What other law firm marketing directors have done to present the practice area blog idea and have it accepted by the firm’s management and lawyers.
  • Moving from articles on Web sites and email newsletters to blogs.
  • How to write copy for a blog.
  • RSS – how to receive and disseminate content via RSS.
  • Public relations programs through blogs.
  • How to market your blog.
  • Search engine optimization for your blog.

Follow my blog for updates or drop me an email and we’ll put you on an announcement list for upcoming blog webinars.

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