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Scobleizer: 5 reasons why blogging is hot

Robert Scoble, blog evangelist at Microsoft, gave 5 reasons why blogging is hot at his American Marketing Association presentation here in Seattle.

  1. It’s easy, anyone of any expertise can publish.
  2. Discoverable – pings, movabletype site, other sites that aggregate.
  3. Ascertain social behavior, trends, linking, know at all times what’s being said about you, and who’s talking about what, in real-time.
  4. Permalinking – each post has its own URL – can link directly to timely, relevant, and focused content.
  5. Syndication – only read what’s published, when it’s published – when I ‘subscribe’ to you, you’re now a member of ‘my community’ – I don’t need your email, you don’t need mine, and in our normal day to day publishing, we’re connected. For as long as we want to be – it’s a pull relationship.

Source of post: Alex Barnett blog

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