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Webex webinars on blogs for large law firms (this week at LexBlog)

December 5, 2004

It’s about time to share what we’re doing at LexBlog with you lawyers and law marketing professionals out there.

This week we are emailing and calling marketing directors and managers in large law firms to set up times for Webex presentations covering how the firm can use professional marketing blogs to market practice groups in their firm.

If you want to schedule a free 30 to 40 minute presentation, including your questions, please call me (Kevin O’Keefe) at 206 855 0988 or drop me an email. I’ll do it for one person, a marketing committee meeting or whatever. Some firms find it helpful to have one of their innovative lawyers sit in.

Among other things, we’ll review:

  • What a professional marketing blog is
  • Its advantages for your law firm
  • How they are published by law firms
  • Demo of live blog and its backend publishing platform
  • How to present the idea to the firm to address other’s concerns
  • How other leading law firms are using professional marketing blogs

Professional marketing blogs are a no brainer for large law firms – they’re easy to use, look great, distribute content to the firm’s target audience better than Web sites & email newsletters and in the words of one AmLaw 100 firm – they are an insignificant expense in a firm’s marketing budget. No brainer as far as LexBlog’s blogs go is a phrase I’ve heard from more multiple law firm marketing directors and managers.

But Blogs being new, LexBlog needs to educate law firm marketing folks and their lawyers. It’s kind of like owning a car dealership in a world where people do not know what they would use a car for.

We’ve used conference calls with PowerPoints until know. To better serve you guys, we’re now using Webex presentations. This allows us to point things out in a live Internet presentation, display other leading law firm blogs and walk through a demo of our blog publishing platform.

Have a great week and be talking at you!

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