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American Marketing Association : blogs effective marketing strategy

The American Marketing Association (AMA) did not come right out and endorse blogs as an effective marketing tool but the AMA is now doing seminars entitled Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website.

Text in the sales pitch text for the seminar sure seems to endorse blogs for marketing:

Weblogs, commonly know as blogs, are rapidly gaining momentum and acceptance as credible marketing strategies. Companies are using blogs as customer relationship tools, branding reinforcement, product ideology testing and for creating public relations buzz.

Experienced bloggers answer your questions and show how to incorporate the newest internet-based strategy into your organization’s marketing plan. Leave this marketing blog workshop with innovative ideas and specific techniques to apply directly to your own marketing strategy.

Amazing that just earlier this year blogs were thought of as teenage diaries. Blogs are now something marketing professionals must at least consider, if not implement – that includes you legal marketing professionals.

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