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November 21, 2004

Just another sign that blogs will be as well known as Web sites and email newsletters by this time next year, The New York Times this week introduced a new Web log called “Pogue’s Posts,” written by their very well known technology reporter David Pogue. Until now, Pogue’s Circuits column was available in the Circuits section in the print edition of the Times, in a weekly e-mail column and a weekly video commentary for the site.

Pogue writes that he “plan[s] to use the space to answer reader questions, follow up on the other columns, flag emerging tech news issues, point out hilarious or important developments on the Web, share cool tips and write about other topics that don’t justify a longer-form treatment.”

Pogue’s blog could do a lot better of it had a RSS button accompanying the blog so that users could subscribe to the blog. Looks like Pogue’s blog will be distributed via the Times technology RSS feeds.

Law firms may not publish a blog because they desire to use the latest marketing technology, they will do so because that’s where the law firm’s prospective clients will be — getting the information of their choosing from blogs.

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