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MSN: make sure you’re included in local search

November 20, 2004

MSN search, like Google’s local search, has incorporated a “Near Me” search option. According to a recent post in the MSN blog, MSN recommends you format your address with capitalization for the city name, and state like the following on the footer of your page:

1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, 98052

MSN’s search is not going to deduct your location from your “About Us” or “Contact Us” page as these pages do not rank normally well in the index. In addition your location should not be formatted as follows:

1 Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA


Local search results are important for lawyers. Darn near three quarters of consumers and corporate executives, including in-house counsel, are using the Internet during the law firm selection process. Many are searching by locale.

In addition, many net users will register with portals such as Yahoo and MSN. This registration will include the user’s location. Search results will then be retrieved to show results in close proximity to the user.

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