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MSN uses blog to accompany launch of new MSN search

November 12, 2004

MSN launched a new search engine this week (still in beta version). Microsoft, being an innovative company, launched an accompanying blog appropriately titled, msnsearch’s WebLog, where the MSN Search Team can keep Internet users up-to-date on what’s happening with their product, their team and the search industry.

I do not expect the blog to give away ‘state secrets’ on the MSN search engine but the blog puts a face on the talented developers working on the search engine and provides the search engine team the ability to interact with the public, who at the end of the day will pass judgment on the usefulness of the search engine.

Yesterday, when rumors starting flying around about the search engine, the MSN search engine team answered the rumors and interacted with outside developers and the public via the comments feature (labeled ‘feedback’ at MSN).

Heck, I know you guys are not MSN – you are law marketing & legal professionals. But law firms that show a willingness to communicate with current and prospective clients about what the firm’s lawyers are specifically doing to add value to clients & the public will be light years ahead of other law firms.

A recent ABA study documented that one of the big reasons for our awful reputation as lawyers is the public’s belief that lawyers do not communicate with average folks. Blogs are one way to break down the walls.

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