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PowerPoint from Legal Marketing Association Webinar on “Maximizing Your Law Firm’s Internet Marketing”

The webinar I did for the Legal Marketing Association on Wednesday went great — I think. When doing a webinar you can’t see confused faces or folks walking out of the room from boredom, so you never know for sure. But received some real nice emails thanking me for the information I shared on how to make your law firm’s Internet marketing presence a more effective one through content, search engine optimization and, of course, blogs.

Please click here to download a copy of my PowerPoint on Maximiizing Your Law Firm’s Internet Marketing.

As all of you should know, I am available to do webinars on Internet marketing at no cost. For live seminars, I am dirt cheap. I’ll be there for the cost of a plane ride from Seattle — about $300 to $400 gets me anywhere in the country. Either one can be done for a group of legal marketing professionals & lawyers or internally for one law firm.

My goal is to leave attendees with practical information that’s easy to understand and that can be implemented immediately at little or no cost. So far the feedback from my seminars has been great.

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