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Blogfest online November 8 to 12 – ‘The Thrilla’ in Mozilla’

The International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) is hosting an online event on blogging next week November 8-12. The blogfest will be in the form of a blog with experts (me included) providing insight and commentary on professional marketing & communications blogs.

This maiden voyage by IAOC into the world blogosphere has been billed the Thrilla’ in Mozilla. Over the course of five days, will feature one blogging expert each day, with moderator Steve O’Keefe (no relation) refereeing the contenders.

Please drop by anytime – it’s not like a webinar which requires attendance at set times – to read a few things and comment or ask questions.

The BlogFest Line Up

The (IAOC) had its coming-out party October 26 at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) international conference in New York City. The new organization presented a professional development workshop entitled “Straight Talk about Blogging and PR” moderated by IAOC co-founder, Steve O’Keefe, with B.L. Ochman, blogmaster and publisher of What’s Next Online, and Steve Rubel, blogmaster of Micro Persuasion.

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