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Search engine optimization 101 (and more) for lawyer blogs and Web sites

Nacho Hernandez, an Internet marketing veteran of 10 years, posted a nice entry on the Search Engine Watch forums appropriately called Search Engine Marketing 101. He provides a variety of useful resources for those getting started with search engine marketing. Comments and further contributions followed his post.

I couldn’t agree more with his most important considerations for search engine optimization:

  2. Don’t SPAM or use techniques that the risks are high enough that you might loose it all one day, perhaps overnight.
  3. Think what is best for your users first, the search engines will adapt.
  4. Stay up to date, search engines change, users change, businesses can change for the better or worse if not up to date.

For those with the time and desire to learn, read on to see a list of resources Hernandez has compiled.

Basic SEO knowledge

SEO forums

Easier yet, Search Engine Roundtable and Threadwatch lead you to best threads of discussion on such forums.

SEO Websites (subscribe by RSS)

Guidelines from the search engines themselves

Link building info

SEO books

Checklists & guides to site building (very technical):

I don’t expect lawyers and legal marketing professionals to have the time to stay on top of SEO. For lexBlog’s customers, we’ll do our best. Just thought sharing this list of SEO resources from Nacho Hernandez would be helpful for me and some of my blog’s readers.

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