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Getting exposure for your law blog and corporate communications blog

Blogs work very well to extend the reach of a law firm’s brand and enhance the reputation of the lawyer(s) publishing the blog so long as you bring your blog to the attention of your target audience. You want your target audience both subscribing to to your blog via email or RSS and retrieving your blog content when doing a search for relevant information on the search engines.

Getting this done means a well thought out game plan involving various Internet marketing tactics. One of the tactics is submitting your blog’s RSS feeds and blog URL to RSS feed aggregators and Web directories. Robin Wood, an online resource offering knowledge, tools and advice on the effective use of new media technologies for action, communication and learning has a listing of the top 55 places to publicize your blog. We use many of these sites in getting exposure for our lexBlog customers’ blogs.

Promoting blog – high points

The author of the article makes a number of points, including the following ones you should make note of:

  • As more and more people get involved with the Internet and as more Web sites, blogs, news services and other online resources continue to grow in number and variety it becomes increasingly important to maintain high visibility and exposure for the content being generated by closely following the major distribution media.
  • Until now the web was populated by Web sites and other HTML-based content pages, and the main vehicle for reaching content has been the large use of major search engines and directories.
  • As a rapidly increasing number of content sources, new and old, migrate or add RSS as a key distribution channel, and as more people utilize RSS newsreaders and aggregators to keep themselves informed, the ability to maintain high exposure and visibility is gradually shifted from a complete attention to major search engines and content optimization techniques to an increasing awareness of RSS feed directories and search tools.
  • If until now the world of content optimization online went under the umbrella of SEO (search engine optimization) andSEM (search engine marketing) from now it exist, at least in principle the opportunity to grow another complementary field tentatively called RSSEM (RSS search engine marketing).
  • One of the key benefits of this reference list is that it provides all of the submission links directly, so that you don’t have to waste any time at all to find these at each destination site.
  • I have not included regional or geographically limited directories or search engines, and have dropped any service that did not look reliable or trustable.
  • Other lists available online and which I have credited are either too superficial and not up-to-date (including many sites that either do not work or are not reliable) or listing many search services and tools which do not rely on manual submission to become aware of new blogs/sites/RSS feeds.

It takes some time to do the above but its not near as time consuming or as expensive as offline marketing, which will not have close to the long lasting effect of an online presence.

There is also a premium version of the Maximum ExpoRSSure: RSSTop55 Premium available.

Thanks to that marvel of online PR, Steve Rubel, for mentioning this resource over at his blog, Micropersuasion. Though we use this resource list at lexBlog, I had failed to share it with you, my readers.

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