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Happy to work with legal marketing consultants, Web site devolopers and public relations professionals

I am now getting calls or emails most every day from legal marketing consultants, Web site development companies and PR firms. It’s any number of factors that cause folks to contact me – to become an affiliate reseller of lexBlog’s lawyer blogs, to consult on how a blog may be used by some of their law firm clients, to build blogs for their law firm clients for which they will remain the chief contact and consultant, to whatever.

I am happy to help anyway I can. However it happens you decide to bring me in to help you and your clients, I handle my specialty, lawyer blogs and RSS technology. I specialize in a very focused niche, and that’s all I do.

I practiced law for 17 years, successfully marketed my own law firm on the Internet, helped thousands of people with legal questions online, founded a legal Internet community acquired by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell and served as a VP of Martindale during the development of Martindale’s current I’ve now founded lexBlog, Inc. to bring the latest in technology to legal marketing.

I do not say this to impress you but to impress on you that I have some unique skills to bring to the table to help your clients when it comes to marketing legal services using the latest technology available – for today it is blogs and the RSS technology blogs deliver.

There is no reason ever to perceive me as being a competitor for your clients. I know my limits regarding traditional marketing, PR, advertising and Web site development. lexBlog is a new start-up that’s going to be built on the principals of working hard, building long lasting relationships and staying very focused on what we do.

If you think I can help you and your clients, call me at 206 855-0988 or drop me an email. I am always glad to be of help.

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