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Google still dominates for law firms

logo_sm.gif Lawyers and law firms working on search engine optimization should be placing twice the time on getting high rankings on Google as all the other search engines put together. As reported by a study done by Standard & Poor’s Equity Research Services found that 48% of search engine users say they use Google most overall, compared to 20% for Yahoo, 14% for MSN and 7% for AOL.

In addition the study found the folks using Google ain’t about to switch to another search engine:

…[S]earch engine user satisfaction is quite high, with most users (83%) saying they are extremely pleased with the search engines they use, and two-thirds of users (67%) have been using their search engines of choice for more than two years.

So here’s why you need to work your fanny’s off in getting on the first page of Google results:

  • About two thirds of consumers and business people are going to search engines to research law firms;
  • Half of them are going to Google;
  • The majority are looking at ‘organic’ results as opposed to the sponsored listings; and
  • Most of them are not going beyond the first page of the search results (set at 10 items by default).

Lawyers and law firms need to get busy fast using their marketing dollars to get on the first page of Google when folks in their area are looking for an attorney. The inside secret for those of us lawyers in the blogosphere is that a legal blog that’s localized and focused on the lawyer’s practice area will get where you need to go.

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