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Submit legal blog to search engines

If you are a veteran lawyer blogger, your blog is already appearing near the top of search engines. For lawyers with new blogs, you should submit your blog to the search engines today.

In theory, submission to the the major search engines may not be necessary as most all of them have spiders ‘crawling’ the Internet which should add all of your site’s pages to the engine. But here’s some places you can submit your legal blog site in the hope it will get spidered sooner. There are no guarantees though – as to to it getting spidered or as to the time.

Note that directories are different than search engines. Directories catalogue blog and web sites by category, often with human beings reviewing the sites before.

Submit to Google here. It can take as little as three days to 30 days to get indexed at Google.

While MSN is working on its own version of a spider search engine, MSN’s search results are powered by the Inktomi Search Index. Submit your site to MSN here.

Yahoo recently created its own version of the spider search engine. It’s free to submit, but you have to have to sign up for an account with Yahoo to access the site. The account is free. It takes about 30 days for Yahoo to spider your site, and there are no guarantees you will be accepted. Submit to Yahoo here. Yahoo is one place to pay to play. It’s expensive, but $290 guarantees a link in the Yahoo directory. Because links to your blog site are important in getting a high search engine ranking, a listing here is critical.

For Teoma which runs, go here.

For Gigablast, whose results are syndicated to other sites, go here.

DMOZ is actually a directory, not a search engine, but it provides backend results for Google. In addition the DMOZ directory is syndicated to a couple hundred sites. Again, because links to your blog site are important in getting for search engines a a listing here is also critical.
Exactseek is part of the Jayde Online Network and includes GoArticles, Site Pro News, and FreeWareFind.

If you’re looking for similar sites or you would like to see how you rank, submit to Alexa. You can also gather some excellent statistical information about your site, including who is linking to you.

Although Spiderhub is a fairly new search engine, it boasts that you can get spidered by Google in three to five days by being included in this directory.

My thanks to Jinger Jarret and his article at as a source for much of this info.

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