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NY Times reports law blog nets California lawyer huge marketing returns

This morning’s New York Times, in an article about making money by blogging Technology > Many Started Web Logs for Fun, but Bloggers Need Money, Too” href=””>reports a California lawyer has generated incredible new business by publishing a blog for the last eight months.

J. Craig Williams, a lawyer in Newport Beach, Calif., began his Web log,, in August. He said his postings, which focus on his particular area of law, have brought him hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of legal business.

That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars – six figures – in new business in less than a year folks. This type of evidence should begin to silence those who say lawyer blogs do not work as a means to market the lawyers services.

I agree with the New York Times report from BloggerCon II, a blogging conference held at Harvard over the weekend, that most people who publish blogs do not do so for money. But last I heard, practicing law was a business. As with any business, marketing is important. If there is a more cost effective means of lawyer marketing than running a blog site on the Internet, I have not seen it.