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Where have I been?

I have not posted recently. I did not fall off the face of the earth nor am I any less excited about what blogs can do for lawyer marketing. It’s just the opposite. I have been busy working on the launch of a new company, lexBlog. lexBlog will be a turnkey solution for lawyers wishing to use a more dynamic and effective way to market themselves on the Internet. Read on to learn a little about why I am crazy enough to do this.

One, start ups are in my blood. That’s bad news for my wife and kids who have to put up with me. But it’s what floats my boat. In 1996, I left a law firm comprised of some of my best friends to start my own firm. In 1999, I closed my law office and started an Internet company which produced a consumer & small business law community. Free of my covenant not to compete with Martindale-Hubbell (after sale of my company) I am now ready to go again with lexBlog.

Two, pulling together and leading a team of talented professionals to chase a dream is incredibly invigorating. Boy did I miss what I had in the past – working with talented people in a law firm and in an Internet company. People work long hours, in some cases without getting paid, because they believe in the cause, they believe in the quality of the product or service being delivered and love being asked to run with their talent & skills in an innovative way without someone telling them do this or do that.

Third and best of all, it is a blast identifying a need and filling it. Lawyer Web sites today are not what they should be and lawyers know it. In addition other forms of lawyer advertising are turning off the public. Lawyers want marketing that works to bring to in clients. They are willing to pay for it (God knows they are being robbed in some cases). Lawyers want someone they can trust to get their marketing done so they can what they do best – help people by practicing law. I think lexBlog can fill the need.

I’ve played with blogs long enough to know they work to establish one as an authority (assuming you know something about what you blog about) and work to bring in new clients. Before we ever launched lexBlog as a company, we had multiple lawyers paying a monthly subscription for our services. An Orlando lawyer told me this morning, he thinks blogs are the best thing since sliced bread. He publishes helpful content, his site is at the top of Internet search results and he gets a couple new clients a week.

So we’ll throw caution to the wind and go for it. We’ll launch the lexBlog site on Monday, and of course it will be run on blog software.

I’ll still do this blog. In fact, I’ll blog more than ever as a way to learn as much as I can about the use of blogging to market a lawyer’s practice, share that knowledge with others and interact with others in the law blogosphere. In about another week, we’ll move this blog over to But I think I will always use the tag line “Real lawyers have blogs.”

Blog On!

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