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Submit law blog to blog search engines

When doing cyber-publicity for your lawyer blog you want to get links to your blog for two reasons. One is rather obvious, well placed links will cause people to ‘click to’ your blog when looking for information you offer on your blog. The other reason is that your blog will be ranked higher in search engine results at Google the more links to your blog there are. The reason being that Google wants to be a valuable research tool – they want folks to find the good stuff. It’s a sign that people have found the information on your blog of value when there are more links to your blog – people have linked to your blog because it is good.

One way to get more links is to be proactive by submitting your blog to blog search engines. Here’s a list of blog search engines for you.

Looks like you can submit your blog to each of the blog search engines other than feedster and – just look around for a ‘add your site’ or submit your blog’ link or button.

My thanks to Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization News for assembling a large portion of this list.

You still need to add content to your blog on a regular basis to get good search engine results and while there is no guaranty that mere submission like this willl rocket your blog to the top, it will help.

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