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Blogs > hottest marketing tool since the telephone

Larry Bodine, perhaps the leading law firm marketing consultant in the country, raves about the power of blogs in this month’s Law Technology News. (free, reg. req’ed.) Larry writes they’re called Weblogs, blogs and “blawgs,” and they are the hottest thing to come along in marketing since the telephone.

Here’s some of the reasons cited for blogs being a great marketing vehicle for lawyers:

  • Allow lawyers, in big and small firms alike, to market themselves directly to clients and prospects
  • Lawyers may write about their area of expertise, and update readers with new opinions and developments in the law
  • Allow lawyers to demonstrate expertise in a particular area
  • Very impressive to clients and are a great business-getter

Larry continues, there are compelling reasons for lawyers to start their own blogs:

  • They are easy to set up and use.
  • They are cheap.
  • They are highly visible and quickly draw visitors. Search engines rank blogs highly because they predominately contain text and they are updated frequently – two things that attract search engines.
  • They can be about anything. A blog can simply recount a person’s thoughts, viewpoints and news. They can also be used for firm announcements, client newsletters, legal updates, and answers to common client questions.
  • They give the author instant credibility and expert status on the topic.
  • If you fail to set up a blog on your special topic, someone else will claim it before you do. The attention and traffic goes to the early adopters, not the lawyers who wait to decide to join the trend a year later.

Larry warns if you don’t set up a blog now “You’ll be missing out on the hottest new trend on the Internet.”

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