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Blogs > Nielsen/Net Ratings ranks blogging software in top 10 technolgies of last decade

January 5, 2004

Nielsen/NetRatings has listed blogging software in the top ten Web sites and technologies which exemplify the greatest changes the Net has wrought to users’ personal and professional lives in Europe the last decade…

Although the company said that Blogger, and other tools like it, may not have had an overwhelming impact on the Net so far, everyone will soon know someone with a blog. “The significance of blogging is the way it allows communication on every level,” Nielsen said, adding that blogging will move further into the limelight this year.

What is more amazing is the company blogging software keeps in the top ten – look at some of the other players:

  • Google
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • AOL Instant Messenger

Got to tell you folks I did not even know what a blog was a few months ago but I sure as heck heard of Google, Amazon and the like. What these rankings tell us is that blogs and the concept of blogging is going to be as well known as these household names and that it is going to happen quickly.

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