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Blogs > Entrepreneur Magazine sites blogs as an effective marketing tool

In another mention of blogs in the mainstream business media, Entrepreneur Magazine sites blogs as an effective marketing tool in an article titled 7 Relationship-Building Strategies for Your Business.

A business owner asked “With so much competition, it’s hard for a small business like ours to keep from blending into the background. What can we do to help customers think of us first when they’re ready to buy?”

Among 7 strategies the article said:

Build two-way communication. When it comes to customer relations, “listening” can be every bit as important as “telling.” Use every tool and opportunity to create interaction, including asking for feedback through your Web site and e-newsletters, sending customer surveys (online or offline) and providing online message boards or blogs. Customers who know they’re “heard” instantly feel a rapport and a relationship with your company.

Admittedly blogs is only mentioned as one tool among others to use in building good relationships with our customers (clients for lawyers). But the fact is blogs are right there being cited by another national business magazine as a good marketing medium to use in setting yourself off from your competition.

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