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What is being reporting about the number of blogs and how prevalent blogs will be is impressive. Reminds me an awful lot of when I stumbled onto the Internet in 1996. Back then, there very few lawyers with Web sites and a smaller number using them effectively. Based on what I am reading and how blogs have it all over traditional Web sites for publishing and marketing, I think it’s here we go all over again.

PC Magazine reports blogs as the next big thing on Internet:

  • The Blogging phenomenon will become the next big computer fad if it hasn’t already – and I don’t mean fad in a bad way
  • Both the CD-ROM business and the dot-com phenomenon had been going on for years before they were suddenly catapulted into the mainstream in a big way
  • Blogging is following this exact path

Salon Magazine(subscription req’ed) believes it is 1994 all over again:

  • RSS delivers a long-promised Internet dream — getting you the information you want from the people you want without hassle or bother
  • The name was the World Wide Web (in 1994), a term that instantly conveyed a rich metaphor for the global orgy of linking that was about to commence
  • “RSS is at just such a moment in its history.” Allows you to subscribe to blogs — or any other source of information

The number & growth of blogs, as reported by Perseus Development Corp., are staggering:

  • 2000
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