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Why me

October 15, 2003

My name is Kevin O’Keefe. I hope I can help you.

My vision is to combine a lawyer’s use of blog software with trusted counsel on Internet marketing on an ongoing basis. My focus is on the use of a powerful, yet inexpensive, database driven content management tool (a blog) which allows a lawyer, without any tech background, to publish relevant content for the lawyer’s audience so as to enhance the lawyer’s reputation and achieve very high performance in Internet search engine results.

My experience in the legal, Internet marketing and Web development business gives me unique insight into how a lawyer should market themselves on the Internet. I’ve been there with a law practice and high overhead worried about getting new clients. I’ve been there spending tens, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, for yellow pages, radio and television advertising that was questionable as to taste and results.

I’ve also seen lawyers waste money on Web sites and Internet marketing that didn’t work. Worst of all, I’ve seen good lawyers willing to provide reasonably priced legal services not take advantage of Internet marketing to reach people who would hire them because the lawyer thought Internet marketing was too expensive or too complicated.

I was a trial lawyer for 17 years, during which time I was a sustaining member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and a board member of my state’s trial lawyers association. Beginning in 1996, I successfully marketed my own law firm on the Internet by using online community interaction and content to help ordinary people faced with legal situations. At the same time I assisted AOL with the development of a law community by acting as a volunteer community leader. USA Today said that: “If O’Keefe isn’t careful, he may wind up giving lawyers a good name.”

In 1999, wanting to help more people and to get more lawyers involved in helping people online as a way to market themselves, I launched a consumer & small business law Web site, The company was later acquired by LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell where I served as a Vice President of Business Development during the development of their Web site and the incorporation of as’s content and community sections.

I am proud to be a lawyer. I work to use the Internet as a way to both help people and improve the image of American lawyers through tasteful & effective lawyer marketing.

I am located on Bainbridge Island, Washington, just a short ferry ride to downtown Seattle.

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