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Why I do it

October 15, 2003

I care

  • About lawyers who wish to promote their care, skill & experience with dignity & pride
  • About lawyers having an easy to use, cost effective Internet marketing tool supported by experienced legal professionals
  • About lawyers being able to easily publish content to the Internet themselves
  • About the results lawyers get from their marketing expenditures
  • About the American public being able to understand the legal issues they face
  • About the average American’s ability to select a good lawyer in an informed fashion, as opposed to blindly selecting a lawyer from a glib ad
  • About the reputation of American lawyers and the trust the public places in our nation’s lawyers

I know the Internet is the preferred method of reaching new clients

  • Sixty-three percent of Americans research products and services on the Internet before buying
  • While other marketing mediums are crowded with competing lawyers, very few lawyers are marketing on the Internet in a way that works
  • Allows lawyers to convey, in their own words, the lawyer’s experience, knowledge and care to prospective clients
  • More cost effective than yellow pages, radio, television and print advertising

I know blog sites are preferable to a stand alone lawyer Web site

  • Easy to use for lawyer & staff
  • No HTML computer coding knowledge is required
  • Adding a post (new content) is as easy as writing an email
  • New content is displayed on the blog site immediately
  • Inexpensive data base driven content management tool
  • Content is pushed to your target audience by syndication or email
  • May interact with audience on the blog site
  • A new blog on a time sensitive topic can be added in hours

I know blogs work well for lawyer marketing

  • Viewers cannot tell the difference between a blog and a Web site
  • Blogs are found on search engines the same as a Web site
  • Blogs obtain fast and high search engine results
  • Consumer & business person friendly content easily published to blog establishes lawyer as trusted expert
  • News, legal updates, insight & analysis and suggested course of action can be readily published to a blog
  • Public, media, colleagues and clients (past & current) look to lawyer’s blog site as source of information, law, news and insight for lawyer’s practice and geographic area

I know current lawyer Internet marketing is not cost effective

  • Combination of Web sites, email newsletters, online publicity & search engine optimization is time consuming & expensive
  • Large sums of money are spent on ineffective static Web sites
  • Employing or hiring tech, content and internet marketing people for effective Internet marketing campaign is expensive
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