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Put me in coach – I’m ready to play today

Mark Didtler of the AP reports that Enny Romero (@EnnyRomeroTB) was watching the Tampa Bay Ray’s 18-inning win Friday night at home in the Dominican Republic. Knowing that the extra inning affair would deplete the Ray’s pitching staff, Romero tweeted he was ready to pitch the following afternoon. In the midst of a pennant chase and… Continue Reading

Do you have an obligation to serve on Twitter?

Nineteen people started following me on Twitter in the last day. Crazy, but almost 17,000 people and organizations now receive my Tweets. I am not saying this to impress you. Walking from the ferry into the office this morning it dawned on me that I have an obligation to serve these folks. Not an obligation… Continue Reading

Twitter followers can mean business for law firms : Survey

72% of a business’ followers on Twitter are more likely to purchase from that business pursuant to a Market Probe survey released this week. From Tim Perzyk (@tperzyk), Manager, Twitter Ads Research, who shared the results on Twitter’s blog: 72 percent of those who follow a business are more likely to make a purchase afterward… Continue Reading

Twitter lists for business development : Get dancing

My friend Steve Matthews (@stevematthews), founder of Stem, a web strategy and development company for law firms, shared last week why he is a big fan of Twitter lists. Steve offered a number of reasons why he likes Twitter lists, including the ability to follow people via a list without actually “following” them and the… Continue Reading

Slick Twitter feature : Notification of favorited tweets

Harrison Weber (@harrisonweber) of The Next Web shared this morning that Twitter has expanded its alerts to notify you when someone favorites a tweet you’re mentioned in. Until now you received an alert only when someone favorited one of your tweets. Yes, this may seem like a minor change, but it expands Twitter’s existing notification… Continue Reading

Twitter is a reporter’s dream : Opportunity awaits lawyers

Twitter is a reporter’s dream, per Janine Gibson (@janinegibson), Editor in Chief of the Guardian US, speaking today at the Social Media Summit presented by the New York Times, Knight Foundation, and the BBC Academy’s College of Journalism. “Twitter is always first with news now,” New York Times President, Mark Thompson, told the Summit, “TV… Continue Reading

Twitter handle is your identifier

There’s a lot of discussion on the net of late of the need to develop and use a Google+ Profile, also known as an identifier. No question I am working on my Google Profile through my activity on Google+, but your identity of record for now is your Twitter handle. How do I identify you… Continue Reading

Nielsen-Twitter partnership : A lesson for lawyers and law firms

We’ve come a long ways since the days of watching Ozzie and Harriet and Dick Van Dyke. Rather than just receiving a broadcast show on black and white TV’s with rabbit ear antennae, we’re spontaneously exchanging thoughts about what we’re watching with people across town and across the country. Nielsen, TV’s longstanding provider of metrics, wants in on… Continue Reading

Twitter rolls out ability to download your Tweets

Worry no more about losing a history of what you’ve been reading and sharing. Twitter is keeping CEO Dick Costolo’s promise. Per The Next Web’s Martin Bryant (@MartinSFP) Twitter has started rolling out the option to download all of your tweets. An archive link is available on the bottom of your settings for those of… Continue Reading