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Twitter handle is your identifier

There’s a lot of discussion on the net of late of the need to develop and use a Google+ Profile, also known as an identifier. No question I am working on my Google Profile through my activity on Google+, but your identity of record for now is your Twitter handle. How do I identify you … Continue Reading

Nielsen-Twitter partnership : A lesson for lawyers and law firms

We’ve come a long ways since the days of watching Ozzie and Harriet and Dick Van Dyke. Rather than just receiving a broadcast show on black and white TV’s with rabbit ear antennae, we’re spontaneously exchanging thoughts about what we’re watching with people across town and across the country. Nielsen, TV’s longstanding provider of metrics, wants in on … Continue Reading

Twitter rolls out ability to download your Tweets

Worry no more about losing a history of what you’ve been reading and sharing. Twitter is keeping CEO Dick Costolo’s promise. Per The Next Web’s Martin Bryant (@MartinSFP) Twitter has started rolling out the option to download all of your tweets. An archive link is available on the bottom of your settings for those of … Continue Reading

False information posted to twitter is quickly vetted

Hurricane Sandy made clear that Twitter is the go to place for breaking news on events and emergencies. But with open-source news comes challenges. One challenge is the accuracy of the information shared. With the low barrier to entry combined with the urge to publish, many people are tempted to break news before checking their … Continue Reading

Lawyers don't need more Twitter followers

For lawyers and law firms who look at social media as a broadcast tool they’re apt to want to get as many followers as possible on Twitter. Not so fast writes Eva Abreu (@EvaAbreuNJ) of New Jersey’s Daily Record (@DailyRecord). Do you really need more Twitter followers? Though it seems like you’d want to get … Continue Reading

What lawyers and law firms can learn from KitchenAid's social media debacle

The Internet is a fast moving and unforgiving place. The appliance maker, KitchenAid (@KitchenAidUSA), learned this after a tasteless tweet regarding the President’s grandmother was sent from their corporate Twitter account during Wednesday night’s presidential debate. The person behind the KitchenAid tweet made the mistake of sending the tweet from the company Twitter account instead … Continue Reading

Lawyers guide to Twitter language and acronyms

One of the most difficult parts of using twitter is condensing your thoughts into 140-chracters or less. Although often complained about, the 140-character limit is Twitter’s core feature and differentiates it from other social networking sites. On top of the character limit, Twitter has a language of it’s own. The abbreviations and lingo are helpful … Continue Reading

Who's Tweeting live from courtroom in the Apple v Samsung trial?

The month-long Apple-Samsung Patent trial started a couple days ago and will continue for nearly a month. To get the live blow by blow directly from the courtroom follow theses reporters journalists live tweeting from the courtroom. Howard Mintz (@hmintz), legal affairs reporter at Mercury News in Silicon Valley is live blogging the trial and tweeting personally. … Continue Reading

How I would teach lawyers to use Twitter?

I just shared statistics on how fast Twitter usage is growing. 15% of Americans are using Twitter with 8% using it daily. Those numbers double those of last year, and quadruple the year before. Twitter is not just for idle chit chat, but it is becoming a key medium for how we receive news and … Continue Reading

Twitter usage soaring : Lawyers need to get on board

Per a recent Internet study done by Pew Research Center Twitter use continues to soar, Some 15% of online adults use Twitter as of February 2012, and 8% do so on a typical day. Although overall Twitter usage has nearly doubled since the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project  first asked a stand-alone Twitter question … Continue Reading

Could Flipboard lose Twitter?

Lauren Indvik (@laureni) asks at Mashable, “Is Flipboard About to Lose Access Twitter?” Her question was prompted by Mike McCue, Flipboard Founder, resigning from Twitter’s board of directors  today. AllThingsD‘s Kara Swisher reported in May that McCue had approached Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and co-founder Jack Dorsey about stepping down. The reason? “McCue’s growing feeling that … Continue Reading

Twitter outage disrupts flow of news and information

Twitter went down for two to three hours yesterday, the second outage in less than a month. The issue arose when, as shared at Huffington Post by Raphael Satter (@razhael), one data center failed and another that was to provide redundancy also failed. I’ve come to recognize that technology is not perfect, there are failures. The impact of Twitter failing for … Continue Reading

Morgan Stanley takes to social media in baby steps

Alexandra Scaggs (@alexandrascaggs) of Dow Jones reported Friday that Morgan Stanley has started putting its economists on Twitter to provide real-time reviews. David Greenlaw, the bank’s chief U.S. fixed-income economist, used the social-media platform to express his views on Friday’s U.S. jobs report in real time. In a string of tweets starting five minutes after the release, … Continue Reading

Tweets no longer on LinkedIn : I like the result of social media turf war

Ryan Roslansky (@ryos), LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products, announced on Friday that Tweets will no longer automatically be displayed on LinkedIn. Since 2009 LinkedIn users had been able to share their tweets with their connections on LinkedIn via the Twitter interface directly. This could be done automatically by choosing an option on LinkedIn to have all of your Tweets fed … Continue Reading

Buffer provides Twitter analytics for law firms

I’m using the Buffer app more and more to share news and information on Twitter. With Bufffer I can read content when convient for me and then have my tweets of that content shared when convenient for my Twitter follwers to see my Tweets. For me this means reading at night during Seinfeld re-runs or … Continue Reading