As an ardent sports fan, it’s always interesting to see someone on LXBN cover a trending story in the world of sports. Today, that story was the firing of Rutgers University basketball coach, Mike Rice, after a video showed him yelling obscenities and throwing basketballs at players during practice;  Joe Baghat covers that story in

The intersection of technology and the law was today’s topic du jour on LXBN, with posts covering just about every angle. Particularly interesting were two separate pieces on crowdfunding from Travis Crabtree and Abby Durlester, both of which took a look at some recent developments that have the start-up community talking.  Total posts on the

As we inch closer to the new year, posts discussing the top takeaways from the past twelve months are coming in by the boatloads.  Today’s roundup features a few of those, including Michael Schmidt’s take on social media and the value of real-world relationships.  Also of note, the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, stepped

Employment lawyers constantly preach the values of watching what you say on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  It appears corporate attorneys may have to start doing the same after a Facebook status update by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings landed the company in hot water with the SEC.  Travis Crabtree has more on the

The top story on the LexBlog Network this week was Brad Birkenfeld‘s release from prison and subsequent reward of $104 million from the IRS.  Richard Renner continues his coverage of this story with a look at the “bright future” of whistleblowers in the IRS’s whistleblower program.  Total posts on the LexBlog Network today: 171.

Judges and lawyers can’t be friends?  That’s what a Florida appellate court ruled last week, upholding a defendant’s motion to disqualify a trial judge based on the judge’s Facebook friendship with the prosecutor assigned to the case. Make sure to check out Richard Shane and Jose Ferrer’s post on the case below.  Also on the