After months of claims and counter claims, it took the jury in Apple v. Samsung just two days to make over 700 decisions in the patent war between the two tech giants; most of which favored the iPhone and iPad manufacturer.  If Samsung decides not to appeal the decision, the Korean-based company will have to

In a story that sounds like it belongs on a Hollywood movie set, hackers reportedly breached, and subsequently password-protected and encrypted, a series of files on an Illinois medical practice’s server.  While data breaches are becoming more common, the tactic of holding information hostage on an organization’s server is a relatively new strategy.  Stephanie Wilis

A great mix of new and old faces, today’s look at the LexBlog Network covers a lot of ground and has a few standouts.  John Mill has some timeless advice about focusing on writing content that resonates with you and the audience of your choosing, instead of getting caught up in “tricks for clicks,” and

The subject of several posts today, whistleblowers occupy an interesting position in society.  On the one hand, famous whistleblowers like Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo (responsible for leaking the Pentagon Papers to the NYTimes) are often portrayed as heroes; standing up against corruption and misconduct in the face of adversity.  On the other hand, as

The dog days of summer are in full swing, as are the writers on the LexBlog Network.  With more quality posts than slots available for today’s Top 10, you would never be able to tell it was a Monday in August were in not for the oppressive heat across the country.  Today’s best includes Angelo

Even with the 4th of July breaking up the work week for many of us, today definitely feels like a Friday.  Although, it does help when you can set your watch to which authors are posting on the LexBlog Network that day.  While some favor the early part of the week, Robin Shea has been

While the usual doldrums that accompany the day after a major holiday were certainly in play today, there were also some real gems on the LexBlog Network this Thursday.  Walter Reaves discussed a new app developed by the ACLU in New Jersey (yes, the ACLU is making mobile apps), and Anthony Davis‘s unibrow continues

The weekend is nearly here, but the bloggers on the LexBlog Network seem to be just getting started.  The week started off slowly, but picked up steam as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals breathed life back into Viacom’s suit against YouTube, United States v. Nosal was decided, and after what seemed like an eternity,