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Connecting People, With People, For Good.

Connecting people with people for good is the mission of LexBlog – or more precisely, connecting lawyers with people, for good. Lawyers connecting with people, for good, as well – as I share in a personal story, below.

I saw connecting people with people as the purpose of the Internet when I first “checked in,” thirty years ago.

AOL, Prodigy, Compuserv, listservs, usenet groups and message boards. People looking for a little help and people there to help.

Nothing like it. Ever before.

This morning, I was a looking for an earlier Facebook exchange and ran across my exchanges with people looking to help Jill, and me helping others facing the challenges of cancer. People connecting with people, for good.

The internet, despite people dissing it, is a community of people helping help people.

I have been looking for a Seattle lawyer to help me on a personal matter. Not easy, despite being a lawyer, having thousands of lawyers on LexBlog’s network and reaching out to a couple lawyers I was referred to.

I found one, yesterday, that’ll talk to me, has expertise in the area of law I need and whom I trust. He’s in Europe and we’ll talk next week.

Like 95% of people, I found him by word of mouth. Word of mouth on Facebook. Common personal, business and sports interests caused our paths to cross over the years on Facebook.

While I was looking elsewhere for a lawyer yesterday, he popped up on Facebook in an activity in Europe. I looked up the type of work he did in Seattle, reviewed his website and read through associations/items that signaled, to me, he would be a good fit.

I emailed him and let him know, via Facebook, that I’d like his help. We’re talking next week.

I have never met him, but more than Google searches, Internet directories and referrals to attorneys who never call back, it feels like the net is working its magic of connecting people with people, for good.

Of course, you need to use the Internet to garner its magic. It’s a place where the more you give, the more you receieve.