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Staying True to Your Company’s Roots: A Quick Look at LexBlog’s Purpose in Life

Looking at why you exist, as a company, and staying true to your roots is not that easy.

Twenty years ago, LexBlog’s purpose in life was cast in our tag line, “We Build Blogs For Lawyers.”

More than a blog, we built blogging lawyers who changed their lives through blogging, the right way.

We defined through a seven item package what a blog solution was for lawyers. No one else did legal blogs. I’m not sure they do, today.

We didn’t make custom changes to the platform, we were militant in how the published by and tag lines were set forth in the header.

We produced, not a website, but, with a lawyer’s writing, something akin to a publication, magazine or a book, built one post at a time, with authors described in the about section as columnists with deep expertise, as opposed to lawyers with law firm bios.

We created a unique and personal experience with our lawyers who we made sure learned to publish as bloggers so as to build a powerful word of mouth reputation, while helping people and businesses at the same time.

We were connecting lawyers with people, for good. It was an authentic experience all around, and a concept that has become our mission.

Rather than charge high prices like other developers and marketers, we sold a turnkey product, including a custom design, at flat reasonable cost with no extra changes, to start with or over time.

Success for the customer was determined by the customer’s business development success and increased revenue. No increase in revenue, you owe LexBlog nothing.

We still do much of the above, but we have drifted some. I have a heck of a caring team and I have forced some of the drift by demanding we try things.

Some changes are, of course, needed over time, but staying true to LexBlog’s purpose in life is something we need to be looking at.