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Rediscovering Connection: Why Facebook Feels Like Home Again

I have been on Facebook for the past week. While I never completely left Facebook, by spending more time there it’s starting to feel like the place where I can play my music again.

I’ve always viewed content as the currency of relationships. While some see content as a tool to drive traffic, I believe content serves a deeper purpose: to listen, express, and connect on things we are passionate about. This belief is shaping my enjoyment of Facebook over LinkedIn, for now, on which I have been spending much more time.

Facebook, to me, is a personal place where genuine relationships are built. It’s not just about sharing professional insight (though we share plenty of that on Facebook), but about engaging with the full spectrum of human experience.

As we share professional insight and commentary, we share the highs and lows of life – family moments, travels, celebrations, and sorrows. These personal stories create bonds that go beyond more superficial connections, fostering trust and understanding.

On Facebook, I try to listen to and understand the people I care about. I imagine how someone is feeling when present in I see in a picture.

It’s a platform where I can engage with their lives in meaningful ways, offering support, celebrating successes, and sharing in their challenges. This personal engagement is the foundation upon which strong business relationships can be built.

When we help someone based on a genuine understanding of who they are, their needs and their aspirations, we forge connections that are both personal and professional. Also enables us, as a company, to reach out to help others. They trust us.

By reconnecting with Facebook, I seem to be rediscovering the soul of my work, reigniting my passion and inspiration. It reminds me why I write and engage – to build relationships with fine people. People with tremendous professional insight on the law, writing and tech who I had not “seen” in awhile.

Through sharing both personal and professional experiences, I seem to have found a renewed sense of purpose. This personal touch has a ripple effect, inspiring me to make a difference in the law and to help others in more meaningful ways.

Facebook allows me to express not just what I do, but who I am. It’s a space where I can share the stories that play on my emotions, inspiring me to do more and be more. This expression is not just about broadcasting messages but about engaging in conversations that matter. It’s about learning from others and growing together.

Facebook feels like a good place for me as a writer. Though my blog offers me more features as a writer (and which I use for all posts, including this one), Facebook feels like a home because of the personal connections I have and the people with whom I am contemporaneously “speaking with” when writing.

I write on the same subjects here on my blog, often expanding on a Facebook post.

My blog, in addition to the additional features it offers, provides a permanent archive of my work. I like what Zuckerberg has created, but I am not about to rely on him to preserve tens of thousands of pages of my work for my grandkids.