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Scanning and Summarizing Chapters to Books With ChatGPT is Nice Learning Tool

AI brain with chip

You can now scan the pages of a book with ChatGPT and ask GPT to summarize a chapter for you.

What’s even better? GPT remembers my past conversations and searches, giving it context as to questions and discussions relating to the book I am reading. It’s like having a super-smart assistant who knows exactly what I may need to advance my thinking and make better decisions.

I am currently re-reading a book by an influential company founder that I read some time ago.

After reading a chapter, I ask GPT to summarize the chapter.

I’ ll also ask GPT for its thoughts of what I can take from the chapter, within the context of who I am, what I do, what LexBlog is and does and as to what I am working on – in this case a re-focus on our vision, mission and values to get to where we must go in order to wow our customers. All of this info is constantly gathered by GPT by “memory.” You’ll see this in action as you use GPT.

Not that GPT is replacing my thinking, but it sure as heck is accelerating my thinking, especially with the memory it has as to me, my company, my values, my personal life and the like.

Using GPT in this fashion is helping me stay focused and aligned with something as important as working on our core principles, and it’s speeding up the learning process in ways you could never imagine.

How do you scan and summarize?

  • Open the GPT prompt screen on your iPhone or iPhone (assume android app would work also).
  • Hit the camera icon as you would to take a picture on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Open the first page in the chapter in bright light and while framing the page, only, take the picture.
  • Continue to the next pages in the chapter, which will continue in the same prompt, until you say summarize.
  • If you are looking for GPT to add context as to what this chapter means as to what you are working on, just ask. The more you use GPT, the better the history of you it will have, and the better the context it will have in answering.

More than a gimmick, ChatGPT, used effectively, is accelerating our learning and thought processes.