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Seattle Blog Works

Twenty years old, it’s important that LexBlog moves onward— adopting a new beginning—with what brought us here.

Instead of taking Seattle for granted, it’s important to recognize and embrace the qualities that make this city a driving force for companies like ours.

Embracing Seattle for LexBlog’s New Beginning

When I first came to Seattle to found PrairieLaw, I was captivated by the city’s unique blend of heritage and innovation. The bustling Pike Place Market, with fishmongers tossing fish and the first Starbucks just a block away, embodied this spirit.

Inspired by this environment, I stayed to create another innovative legal company, LexBlog, originally named Seattle Blog Works, with an old factory wheel in its logo background.

A Hub of Innovation

Seattle is home to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking. This tech-forward environment has been integral to LexBlog’s development, driving our technological advancements and ensuring we remain at the forefront of digital legal publishing.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Our Mission

The city’s vibrant cultural scene, from its music to its arts, inspires diverse and creative expression. At LexBlog, we draw from this cultural richness to encourage our bloggers to explore various facets of the legal world and beyond. Our mission is to empower legal professionals to share their expertise and connect with broader audiences, reflecting Seattle’s spirit of creativity and innovation.

Our Values: A Perfect Fit with Seattle’s Spirit

  • Care: Seattle is known for its strong sense of community and support for one another, much like LexBlog’s commitment to caring for our team and those we serve.
  • Competition: The city’s competitive tech and business environment aligns with our pursuit of professional excellence. Seattle thrives on innovation and excellence, traits we embrace at LexBlog.
  • Ownership: Seattle’s culture of entrepreneurship and personal responsibility mirrors our value of taking ownership of our work. The city’s history of pioneers and startups is a testament to this spirit.
  • Engagement: With a robust culture of networking and collaboration, Seattle embodies engagement. We, too, believe in actively engaging others to build trust, form relationships, and realize our potential.
  • Fun: Seattleites balance hard work with enjoying the city’s vibrant cultural and recreational opportunities. Similarly, we believe that fun enhances professional excellence and creates a joyful work environment.
  • Fitness: Seattle’s emphasis on outdoor activities and healthy living supports our value of physical and mental fitness, essential for achieving personal and professional goals.

Strong Community and Collaboration

Seattle’s sense of community and collaboration is mirrored in LexBlog’s mission. We aim to foster a supportive network among our users, promoting collaboration and mutual growth, much like the city’s own community-driven ethos. Our values emphasize the importance of community, transparency, and mutual support, ensuring that we grow together.

Historical Resilience

Seattle’s history, from its timber and fishing roots to its advancements in aviation and technology, is a testament to resilience and adaptability. LexBlog embodies this resilience, continually adapting and growing in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are committed to supporting our users through every challenge, much like Seattle’s own journey of continuous improvement and innovation.