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Random AI Prompts Can Lead to Some Good Blogging

I’ve been meaning to share how one of the ways I use ChatGPT in my blogging. I talk with it.

It begins with a thought or idea of my own or from something I’ve read. I key this thought or idea into GPT in a free flow way. Random thoughts and ideas, typos, incomplete sentences,, sentences that may repeat another and more.

I end up with something that would look like a couple paragraphs long, though I used no paragraphs.

I never looked to be precise in my prompts nor did I read over what I had keyed in. I merely hit the enter key after asking GPT what I wanted such as suggested items I should cover in my blog post or a draft of a blog post – including the impression I want to make – which post I the’ll then perfect.

Works remarkably well. I can even a couple or three back and forth’s with GPT to perfect what I am looking for. All in a random conversation.

Wasn’t until yesterday that Dave Winer shared his experience with “rambling prompts” that I remembered to share my experience with.

Winer shared,

An unsung miracle of ChatGPT. I usually write my prompts very carefully, esp when using it to build software, but I just tried not really caring, and asking a question the way I thought of it, so it rambled a lot, was repetetive and had an error I didn’t bother to correct, to see what would happen. It didn’t even criticize me. It figured out what I was trying to ask/say, and gave me the answer I was looking for. Yes I am aware that all my fellow programmers taught it how to do this, though I have no idea how it does that, but it is freaking amazing. I keep finding miracles in this tech.

There is nothing or wrong or inappropriate with using GPT in this fashion in your writing and blogging. You remain in the driver’s seat and decide what you want to say and how you want to say it.

But a year ago, it’s as Winer says, “it is freaking amazing.” Talking with a machine.