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Rekindling Engagement on Twitter (Now X): A Personal Experience

I’ve always gone to Twitter, now X, for news and still do. 

Twitter is known for “what’s happening.” It is a real-time information network where people find the latest news and what’s happening.

In addition to news and “what’s happening,” I’ve used Twitter since its inception for engagement, networking and building a name. 

Despite recent criticisms and changes under Elon Musk’s ownership, which led some to question its relevance, my recent experience suggests Twitter remains a nice medium for engagement and networking.

When I first joined Twitter, it wasn’t immediately clear to me how impactful it could be. However, over time, I learned to leverage its power by curating content through tools like Feedly, and sharing insights that went beyond simple headlines. By embedding personal commentary and highlighting quotes directly from the sources, my tweets offered added value and context to my followers.

More importantly, I made it a point to acknowledge the original reporters, authors or speakers by including their Twitter handles with a “care of,” a small gesture meant to say “well said.” This not only showed respect for their work but also fostered connections and opened lines of communication.

Despite the growing sentiment that Twitter has lost its luster, I did quick test, yesterday. I revisited my trusted method: I visited into my Feedly folders, selected relevant articles, and shared them with a personal touch. The response was encouraging. The likes and retweets were there, indicating – to me – that engagement on the platform is still possible.

I always saw Twitter as a medium for professionals looking to establish their expertise and connect with like-minded individuals, particularly in niche areas. The key being in how you use it by providing genuine insights, recognizing contributors, and maintaining a consistent presence.

For those of you who have left Twitter in its new era as X, consider giving it another chance. The digital landscape is perpetually shifting, but the fundamental principles of meaningful engagement remain the same. 

Twitter, irrespective of its branding or ownership, can still be a helpful ally in connecting and building a name. Perhaps not as powerful as before, but Twitter is still there.