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Beyond Likes and our Net Promoter Score: LexBlog Needs to Elevate Legal Professionals

In a blog post, today, marketing guru Seth Godin highlighted a distinction in how we measure engagement and success.

His point was spot on as to the LexBlog Network, something I have been giving a lot of thought to, of late. Bear with me as I share some of my thoughts on LexBlog.

More than two-thirds of companies use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer satisfaction, but as Godin points out, being liked isn’t the same as being promoted. 

He says,

Being liked is important. Trust, comfort, and delight are useful things to strive for. Liked doesn’t get you promoted, though. People promote a brand or activity when it increases their status or the affiliation they have with others, not because they owe you something.

Godin’s insights resonate with our mission at LexBlog. As the world’s largest network of publishing legal professionals, we’ve built substantial visibility over the years. However, our goal must extend beyond merely being liked; we must committ to enhancing the status and expanding the influence of the legal bloggers and publishers within our network. 

Elevating Our Network Members

At LexBlog, we recognize that real impact in the digital age comes not from satisfied customers but from meaningful engagement and recognition of our network members.  

We have leveraged the LexBlog network to elevate our community members in the past and we need to do so more so, going forward. 

Just some of the ways to do so include:

Spotlight Features: Regularly highlight outstanding contributions from our network on LexBlog’s front page and across our social media channels. These featured posts not only bring well-deserved recognition to their authors but also position them as thought leaders in the legal field.

Success Showcases: By sharing success stories and case studies, we show the tangible benefits of being part of a global blog network. From increased client engagement to expanded digital footprints, these narratives underline the real-world impact of our members’ work.

Expert-Led Forums: Through webinars and live panels, we provide a platform for our members to share their expertise with a global audience. These events enhance their professional profile and create opportunities for further networking and collaboration.

A Commitment to Promoting Your Work

Godin’s message underscores the value of promotion – shining a light on network members – over mere approval.

We need to be committed to not only hosting legal content but actively promoting it in ways that enhance the professional stature of our members.

We need to understand that increasing your status within the legal community and beyond doesn’t come from you being satisfied alone, it comes from being seen, recognized, and respected as a leader and an expert.

As we continue to build and grow our network, LexBlog’s focus needs to be on creating value that elevates the professional lives of legal professionals.