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Networking Through The Internet, Taking Lawyers Where They’ve Never Gone Before

Years back, in a consultation with an organizational development professional, I gained some real insight that has shaped the LexBlog approach for over a decade.

The professional, who had worked with some large companies said LexBlog is not selling a turnkey blog solution, “LexBlog is about networking through the Internet, taking lawyers where they have never gone before.” He admitted it was a little too Star Trek.

His perspective underpins our mission, recognizing that while the legal profession increasingly drifts from personal networks to a focus on numbers and clicks, the core of business development remains rooted in relationships and reputations.

In today’s digital age, many lawyers have transitioned from traditional, relationship-based networking to an online environment dominated by metrics and analytics. While these elements are helpful, they should not overshadow the fundamental essence of building and maintaining relationships.

At LexBlog, we embrace the digital evolution, offering a platform where lawyers can not only increase their visibility through clicks and views but more importantly, forge meaningful connections. By sharing insights, engaging in discussions, and contributing valuable content, legal professionals can cultivate a digital presence that reflects the trusted reputations they’ve built offline.

Our vision aligns with the principle that the best lawyers have always thrived on word-of-mouth and solid relationships. Most people find a lawyer by word of mouth than any other way.

My gut tells me we’re not just adapting to networking through the Internet; we’re one of the leaders of the this change, ensuring that lawyers can navigate this new terrain without losing sight of the personal connections and reputations that are the bedrock of their success.

After all, it’s networking through the Internet, taking lawyers where they’ve never gone before.