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You May Now Have Voice Conversations With ChatGPT

No need to text, you may now have voice conversations with ChatGPT on Android and iOS devices.

This development enhances user interaction by allowing conversations with the AI model without the need for text inputs.

You initiate conversation by tapping the microphone icon on the bottom of the home screen. I tapped the headset on my iPad. You’ll be given the option to a select various voices for GPT.

You just begin speaking to dialogue and tap the microphone to end it.

The interaction is fast and helpful when looking for ideas and feedback. I aassume dialogue would have the same hallucination challenges when seeking facts.

Voice dialogue, to me, seems a challenge because of its speed. There is little time to digest what GPT said and no text to help you respond.

As usual, we can expect advances in GPT conversations. GPT can already comprehend and reply in multiple languages, catering to users worldwide.

For bloggers using GPT for ideas, feedback and grammar, conversations could be a little tough. But my guess is some bloggers may get value from discussions while blogging.