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Pew Survey Signals LinkedIn is a Key News Source for Legal Professionals and Legal Tech Companies

As reported by Ryan Broderick, in an era where traditional news outlets and other social media are reevaluating their news strategies, LinkedIn is emerging as an increasingly influential news source.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, a little under a quarter of LinkedIn users get their news from this social media.

This is particularly noteworthy for legal professionals and legal tech companies looking to build reputations and relationships with a discerning audience.

70% of these users are under age 49, so even though LinkedIn has been around for quite a while, it’s not going out of style for professionals.

As Broderick mentions, a LinkedIn account is tied to one’s work history and presumably their last name.

LinkedIn knows a user’s interests – what they read, from whom, and what they engage with likes and comments. Your news is likely getting to the right people. This fosters engagement and connections.

There are other social networks out there, but for legal, LinkedIn offers a platform where thought leadership, industry news, and professional insights are not just welcomed but sought after.

Law firms and lawyers have appreciated the value of LinkedIn for a good time. However, many or most of them have been less than effective in using LinkedIn. Now’s the time to learn how to work LinkedIn.