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Beyond the Request: Transforming LinkedIn Invitations into Meaningful Engagement and Opportunities

I spent a couple hours on LinkedIn this morning going through those people who have requested that I connect with them, their company or a group.

I felt guilty in having about 350 requests and not responding.

I was behaving a bit like one of my former law partners who shared, “All of these clients of mine calling and leaving a message to return the call can’t expect me to have the time to return their calls.”

As I reviewed requests to connect or follow on LinkedIn – did not get anywhere near the 350 – I found a good number of people with whom I wanted to connect. Some were just plain interesting. Others were interesting and with whom I thought I could help them or their company.

Companies, LexBlog included, worry about getting leads. Webinars, emails, booths at shows and more to find people who may love us.

While at the same time, I met some people this morning who stuck out their hand and said “I’d like to meet you.”

Selling is all about relationships with people. LinkedIn provides me an opportunity to start a relationship.

A couple months ago, Seth Godin shared his thoughts on this networking on LinkedIn,

Everyone wants to be connected.

But we hesitate to be the connector.

Everyone wants to be trusted, but we hesitate to trust.

And everyone wants to be respected, but we often fail to offer our respect.

What an opportunity.

What an opportunity is right. I probably have one or two hundred people to trust via LinkedIn.