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Motivating Reluctant Lawyers to Contribute to a Group Blog

How can you motivate some of the more hesitant lawyers in your firm to contribute to a group blog they’ve committed to?

This morning, I was asked for ideas to encourage participation in a new group blog, especially from those who might be reluctant to publish.

Have you faced a similar challenge? What strategies have worked for you?

I was part of a blog strategy discussion with a 150-lawyer firm where the blog is set to feature multiple authors. While some lawyers are enthusiastic moving to a blog, having previously leveraged publishing into recognition and business development, the goal is to get everyone involved.

Here’s what I suggested—there’s no silver bullet, but these strategies have shown promise:

  1. Blog Champions: Success stories from peers can be motivating. When a lawyer sees a colleague gaining significant opportunities through blogging, it can inspire action.
  2. Accountability: In firms where blogging directly correlates with business generation, management’s attention can lead to tangible consequences for non-participation, such as probation or even losing the privilege to blog.
  3. Community Approach: Transform the blog into a vibrant publication. Regular meetings to discuss content, strategies, and successes can build a sense of community and make the process more engaging.

I welcome hearing other strategies or experiences. What’s worked for you?