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Fueling Legal Success with Passion: Introducing Stoddard, LexBlog’s Innovative Blogging Solution

The passion behind a blog development and publishing company like LexBlog is its key to success.

And with it, passion will drive LexBlog’s new blog product, Stoddard.

When I started LexBlog out of my garage, I didn’t know how to do web development, design or web hosting.

What I did have was an uncanny belief that I could help Individual lawyers grow their business – with a blog and my personal couching and support. I was so certain that I could help lawyers that I guaranteed their business success.

Twenty years later, LexBlog is launching Stoddard, which in addition to my coaching, includes SEO, broad reaching syndication, ongoing support, and newsletter delivery of our post, provides:

  • You’re Online fast. We’ll have you off and rolling in a day or two. We think we can cut it down from that, but this will have lawyers up and going without the hassle of the back and forth on design details, development time and so on. 
  • Infrastructure you can trust. The backbone of this blog is still the industry-leading LexBlog Publishing Platform. Fast, secure, stable—and not something you have to worry about. 
  • Perpetually-modern, elegant design. What you see here, on my blog, this is yours. You can change the accent color and you can upload your logo, photo and bio. We make sure it’s professional, but not overdone. And we make sure it stays that way. 

The last one is unique for LexBlog.

While Stoddard is the look for now, it will change and evolve with design trends and changes in technology. When you’re on our Blog Pro plan, you sign up to stay current because the design is standardized—but always with your branded configuration.

By keeping things a little more uniform, we’re to able get you some of our best work and latest recommendations quickly. If design trends change, if the way people read content shifts, your blog will reflect our recommendation for the current environment.

Who’s Stoddard for??

While Stoddard is built to have one or two authors, that doesn’t mean it’s made exclusively for solo or small-firm lawyers. But it is made for the lawyer or legal professional who wants to do their own thing—who wants to completely own their publication and their brand.

Sure, it’ll be great for the family lawyer in Des Moines or the small business tax attorney in Missoula, but it’ll also work for the largelaw partner in Palo Alto who wants to see if they can become the lawyer who writes the book on the intersection of large-language models and intellectual property issues.

And it’s All Guaranteed: If after one year you’re not satisfied with your business development success using our platform, let us know. We will refund any amount you deem fair, no questions asked.

Delivered with passion.

Let’s work together—I’m here to help. Feel free to email me.