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Make Your Legal Blog Stand Out: Embrace the ‘Purple Cow’ with a Niche Focus

In the crowded world of legal blogging, how do you stand out?

Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” philosophy suggests that being remarkable is key. You’re either a “Purple Cow” or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible

For legal professionals, this means not just sharing information and insight on your blog but doing so in a unique and specialized manner – in a niche.

Why a Niche?

A niche-focused legal blog transforms your blog from a mere source of information to must have specialized knowledge.

Whether it’s Florida Probate Litigation, New York Business Divorce, or FMLA, focusing on a niche makes your blog invaluable and, indeed, remarkable.

The Power of a Niche-Focused Blog:

  1. Expertise: Delving into a specific area of law, your blog demonstrates knowledge and thought leadership in a unique area – you may be the only blogger publishing on the niche.
  2. Engagement: Niche content resonates more deeply with a targeted audience, fostering stronger connections and engagement. Covering a niche indicates you’re dedicated, caring and focused. You’re here for folks.
  3. Visibility: In a sea of blogs covering general areas of the law, such as employment or IP law, a niche-focused blog stands out, making it easier for your ideal audience to find and follow you.

Embracing your niche means not only sharing your expertise but also showcasing your passion and unique perspective.

You’ll stick out on LinkedIn and build a growing LinkedIn network. This approach doesn’t just attract readers—it builds a community.

You’ll build a “referral network” where lawyers and others will actively pass on recommendations or clients to you, leveraging the mutual trust and benefit you’ve established.

Be the Purple Cow

Your legal blog has the potential to be more than just another “website with content. It can be a ‘Purple Cow,’ a remarkable resource.

What area of the law area are you passionate about? Or could get passionate about? Who are you looking to help? In what area of the law would do you want to become an expert? In what area of the law would you take pride in being labeled the leader?

That’s your “Purple Cow.”